International Cinema Discussion

Toni Erdmann and Romania, A Country in Transition (Free)

A Presentation and Discussion with Dr. Roberta Seret Bayer

Join us for a discussion of the film 'Toni Erdmann' with Dr. Roberta Seret. Dr. Seret is the founder of International Cinema Education, an NGO of the United Nations that uses foreign film to bring the world to a classroom. As part of this event, attendees will be given special access to a presentation about Romania, where the film is set, and an excerpt of this award-winning foreign film. We also encourage attendees to watch the full film which is available for $3.99 on Read a review of the film.

Together, we will explore Romania as a country in transition, and see how the people from an Eastern European country are trying to live, work, and become globalized Westerners.

This is part of a new series for World Affairs Forum in which we will share thought-provoking foreign films and engage with each other to think more deeply about the history, politics, and cultures of global hotspots. Attendees are encouraged to watch the entire film on their own through a streaming service of their choice.

For our readers, we encourage you to seek out Dr. Seret's just released a book "Gift of Diamonds" which is set in Transylvania, Romania.

Toni Erdmann (full film on $3.99