Membership supports our programming. As a member, you get free or discounted tickets to our events. Take advantage of breakfast, lunch, after-work discussions, volunteer, leadership and mentor opportunities.


Premier membership gives you free access to all of our regular speaker events: 12 speaker events each year. 


Gives free entrance to our four speaker events per year at the Ferguson Library in downtown Stamford. You also save $10 on each member ticket for other in-person speaker events.

See our pricing table below for details on ticket prices for our in person events.

We continue to monitor and adhere to CDC, national, state, and local guidelines related to COVID-19. Should the local public health situation change around certain dates, we will look to convert corresponding events from in-person to virtual formats.

While all of our events are currently scheduled to be hosted as hybrid, in the event that a future assessment is made to change a live event to an online format, we will reach out to you directly to adjust the ticket pricing paid.

Membership Levels & Pricing

Membership Level



  • $200
    Under age 40
    Non-profit professional *
    2nd household membership




No Annual Fee

Price Per Event

  • Ambassadors Roundtable Breakfast
  • Ambassadors Roundtable Lunch
  • Ambassadors Roundtable Dinner
  • Forum Series – Public Libraries
  • Dinner Discussion Events
  • Global Economic Trends
Premier Member Price
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • $25 each
  • 0
  • * To qualify for non-profit professional rate, you must be currently employed by a non-profit or retired from a career employed by nonprofits.
Basic Member Price
  • $65
  • $65
  • $100
  • 0
  • $25 each
  • $40
Public Price
  • $75
  • $75
  • $110
  • $25
  • Not available
  • $50


The World Affairs Forum extends an invitation to members of other councils when they are visiting Fairfield (CT) or Westchester (NY) counties to attend our events. Please consult our upcoming events calendar or contact our office if you are interested in attending our programs. Members of other councils may attend our events at member pricing. We would be delighted to have you join us.